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     共鳴ーRESONANCE : 2014   RESONANCE II : 2017  RESONANCE III : 2019

Dance Enthusiast's Christine Jowers' impressions on RESONANCE III

from Anna KisselgoffFormer NY Times Chief Dance Critic

     How beautiful your concert was.

     On all levels.

     The elegance and refinement in the structure and presentation, including the way you         incorporated your musicians, was truly imaginative and striking.


New York Times       By BRIAN SEIBERT       

               Miki Orihara Links Today’s Choreography With Yesteryear’s

The Theasy                By Jane Sato               

               This veteran Martha Graham dancer shows that what she is made of is larger than the sum of all her parts......In a world that treasures the new and youthful, I realized that although her capturing of youthful movement was exciting, her full scope of emotional range was what brought the house to its feet. There is a weight and depth that isn’t sincere without the life experience.

The Arts journal        DanceBeat : Deborah Jowitt on bodies in motion

               She enters the character, the movement, and the moment in time so completely and without artifice that she seems to be creating and embodying something, not just representing it.

               Kyōmei—Resonance is an elegantly arranged program. .....Orihara’s choreographic choices reveal how finely she can accommodate herself to very different styles.

Oberon's Grove          BY Philip Gardner

               As we cast about us in a darkening world for uplifting experiences in music, dance and poetry, artists like Miki Orihara shine as beacons in the night. We are so fortunate to have her.

               It was in fact one of those rare evenings of dance where daily concerns and world-weariness were swept away by the purity of dedication of a great dancer, lifting us to a higher sphere. Miki seemed to reach the very heart of dance.

Blog: Barre Hopping             By Suzannah Friscia

               .....each short work was like a world of its own...Ms. Orihara created an entire mood and atmosphere, giving us a brief glimpse into each of these rich environments before leaving us to imagine so many potential stories.

               Ms. Orihara displayed not only her vast range, but her passion for and deep understanding of the art of dance.

               Ms. Orihara showed us only one: her world, using her movement to explore its rich depths, and its many facets and perspectives.

ウィキペディア( Wikipedia Japanese site )


Admirably, she never looked like a Graham clone. Her choreography reflected a wide range of training and performing.

-----NY Times/ Jennier Dunning

Miki Orihara, who seems to understand what's going on in a dance with every cell in her delicate body.

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