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The Hartt School Dance Division

     I teach Martha Graham Dance Technique.



                                              Art times Journal by Lille Dawn

CUNY Dance Initiative Residencies    

     I am a recepient for 2016-2017  at LaGuadia Community College.


mishmash*Miki Orihara

     We created 2 music videos featuring Adam Barruch and Chelsea Bonosky 

     "Ding Dawn" and " Reach Out, until you can feel me. Hold tight"



Miki's Husband Stephen Pier's HP. 


Lotus lotus

miki and mica new performing art group


Kaatsbaan International Dance Center

      I presented  共鳴ーResonance and Resonance II 


Theatre of Yugen

     Presented 共鳴ーRESONANCE in 2015 and 2016 May

     also Miki was invited to perform Mystical Abyss directed by Yuriko Doi


Odoru Akita Dacne Festival

石井漠・土方巽記念 国際ダンスフェスティバル「踊る。秋田」 

     共鳴ーRESONANCE was invited to participate November 3rd, 2016 in Akita


Jean Erdman Dance    

     I danced and am dancing her works. 


CORDA Foundation  

     miki is in "Conversation" with Stephen Pier, miki choreographed and dance in this commission work,         

     "broken memory" filmed by Tomoko Mikanagi


In the BOX  

     Directed by Nissy, with Senri Oe, Nana Tsuda and Miki Orihara                                                                                

Richard and Mika Stoltzman 

     I danced at Richard and Mika Stoltzman recital at Carnegy Hall, NYC




     I danced with TAKE Dance for his anniversary concert.

Martha Graham Dance Company

     I danced 27 years in her company 1987-2015


Alvin Ailey American Dance School

     My first modern dance school in NYC, received a full scholarship in 1980!

     This is where I first took Graham Class!


The Jofferey Ballet School

     My first school ever in NYC.

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