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About Miki Orihara

Introducing Miki Orihara by Tomoko Mikanagi

折原美樹​紹介動画  御巫朋子監督


broken memory

  directed by Tomoko Mikanagi

  music by David Rosenmann-Taub

  choreographed by Miki Orihara

  featured at 45th Dance on Camera Festival, Lincoln Center, NYC  2015

  produced by CORDA Foundation


 監督|編集|撮影  御巫朋子

 音楽        デイビッド・ロゼンマンー・タブ

 振付        折原美樹


UN Project

Peace is ... Harmony (April 2017)

The Permanent Mission fo Japan at the United Nations in NYC

The inaugural event of the “Peace Is…” series, which was designed to have each event feature a Japanese artist based in New York who would use art and culture as a gateway to allow anyone to casually think about what peace means to them. The Permanent Mission of Japan hosts these events in collaboration with the United Nations Department of Information and the Permanent Missions of other like-minded member states.   

I am honored to be present this performance with my friends and students. I asked my dear friend Ralph Samuelson who is a Shakuhachi player to play Henry Cowell's music. We premiered  "Universal Circle".

Filmed by Tomoko Mikanagi

Peace is ...imagination 

The 8th and the last installment of "Peace is..." was at the ambassador Bessho's residence. Guitarist Shiro Otake and I presented "We are the others". Shiro arranged Miyavi's music and Stephen Pier choreographed for us.

Filmed by NY Seikatsu Weekly

All Resonance films are edited & directed by Tomoko Mikanagi



共鳴ーRESONANCE (2014)       Trailer

Making Resonance

Film by Antonia Miranda

Documented my preparation for Resonance.

The Interview: Dancer Miki Orihara / 折原美樹「人はみな踊っている」 

interview with Chiyo Abe

Check out our company website at 

New York Dance Up Close: 

A Minute of Miki Orihara on Graham

miki rehearsing for RESONANCE - SATYRIC FESTIVAL SONG by Martha Graham​​

By Dance Enthusiast

New York Dance Up Close

Miki Orihara on her first solo concert RESONANCE

By Dance Enthusiast

New York Dance Up Close:

Miki Orihara & Adam Barruch on "Memory Current

By Dance Enthusiast

Audience Commnets on RESONANCE

After the performance at La MaMa Theatre in NYC ,May 2014  #1

Audience Commnets on RESONCE  

After the performance at La MaMa Theatre in NYC ,May 2014 #2

Filmed/Edited/Directed by Tomoko Mikanagi

RESONANCE   part 1

Please contact  Miki if you are not able to watch this video

共鳴ーRESONANCE part 2

Please contact Miki if you are not able to watch this video.

RESONANCE II              no edit

By Stephen Pier
Danced by Ask La Cour, Miki and Meagan Le Crone (NYCB)
Nilas Martin and Dancers
Under the Ice ( 3 dancers)
By Stephen Pier
Danced by  Elizabeth Auclair, Miki and Alessandra Prosperi


A dance based on the music of David Rosenmann-Taub

Choreographed by Stephen Pier

Danced by Miki Orihara and Stephen Pier

Produced by CORDA Foundation 

Dances for an iPhone

by Richard Daniels

Danced by Miki Orihara and Stephen Pier

From Pent-up, Aching Rivers
By Donlin Foreman
Narrated by Claire Bloom  Danced by Stephen Pier and Miki
Buglisi Foreman Dance
Bamboo Duet (Excerpt)
by Jacqueline Buglisi
Danced by Stephen Pier and Miki 
Buglisi Foreman Dance

Ceci N'est Pas Un Jouet (this is not a toy)

Gene Gort Project

Ceci N'est Pas Un Jouet (2012) - composed by Gene Koshinksi
Percussion performed by Quey Percussion Duo, Tim Broscious + Gene Koshinski
Video produced by Gene Gort
Choreography and Dance performed by Miki Orihara + Stephen Pier
Programming design by Gene Gort
Interactive programming by Timothy Lawless
Documention videography by Marc Hill


Two Women   Nov. 2015

at 92nd Y,  Fridays at Noon

Soon to be a film "Two Women" 

with Andrea Murrilo (dance) and Senri Oe( Piano)

CORDA Foundation

Mystical Abyss

Written by John O'Keefe

Directed by Yuriko Doi

Produced by Theatre of Yugen

I performed this work inSeptember 2015 in Denver. it is a Japanese Myth and American Indian Myth cross culture & multi media theatre work.

I was a naive woman( Blue costume and Uzume.  Learn a lot from this production and Yuriko-san. Performed with Masashi Nomura( Noh actor) and Jairo Heli Garcia(choreographer/performer), Narumi Takizawa( Japanese Instrument composer), YOshio Ueno( JP music personel)and Kenny Perkins( Irocoi Music composer)

Behind the scenes of "Reach out, until you can feel me. Hold tight."
Produced by mishmash*Miki Orihara
Words: Masuyama_com/ Kento Masuyama

Japan Day at Central Park, NYC

May 2016

Performed "Memory Current" with Senri Oe

Muna Tseng Dance Projects Water Mysteries at Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival 2009

Choreography: Muna Tseng
Dancers: Miki Orihara and Hahn Tran
Music: Bruce Tovsky

 "Reach out, until you can feel me. Hold tight."

Produced by mishmash*Miki Orihara

Words: Masuyama_com/ Kento Masuyama

 "Ding Dawn"

Produced by mishmash*Miki Orihara

Choreographed by Adam Barruch

Dancer's Language by Mutsuki 2017

at M-deux studio, Nagoya, Aichi.
3 day workshop  8/21-23,2017
Accompanied by Karin Fukumi

Requiem - 鎮魂歌

Choreography - Megumi Nakamura Music - Gustav Mahler Piano - Tomoko Inaba #ccj #thechoreographiccenterofjapan #鎮魂歌 #requiem #中村恩恵 #meguminakamura #covid19 #miki3lotus

In The Box

Directed by Nissy Hiroyuki NIshiyama

Music: Senri Oe

Perform: Nana Tsuda, Miki, 

Martha Graham Dance Company

A Highwire of Circumstance

Film by Jacquelyn Elder

Deaths and Entrances by MG

Miki with Christophe Jeanno,Tadej Brodnk, Katherine Crockett, Virignie Mecene 2005 City Center NYC

Rehearsing Cave of the Heart

Miki rehearsing Medea

Video for On the couch, an Inner monologue competition (Feb2012).

Music by Fraction (Eric Raynaud) - (Fev2012)

PM rehearsal 

Miki as Mary in "Hymn to the Virgin" Before perfromances in 2015

Solo from Letter to the World

at Betty Ford Memorial 

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Appalachian Spring

NuVu Dance Festival    2019 @LPAC

filmed and edited by Tomoko Mikanagi

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