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Miki Orihara  is best known for her work as a principal dancer in the Martha Graham Dance Company, which she joined in 1987. In addition to performing the Graham repertory, she has worked closely with the renowned Japanese-American dancer, choreographer and director, Yuriko, preserving her unique approach to Graham Technique.

Orihara has performed in the Broadway production of The King and I, with the Elisa Monte, Dance Troupe, PierGroupDance, Lotuslotus, Twyla Tharp, Martha Clarke, Anne Bogart (SITI Company) and Robert Wilson. She has presented her own choreography in New York and in Tokyo as a guest artist for Japan’s New National Theater.

Her teaching credentials include numerous workshops in Japan, Art International in Moscow, Peridance, the Ailey School, New York University, Barnard College (Columbia University), Florida State University, Henny Jurriëns Stichting( Netherlands), Les Etés de la Danse in Paris(France) and New National Theater Ballet School(Tokyo, Japan).  Currently she is on a faculty at the Graham School and 

The Hartt School ( University of Hartford). As a Regissuer on Martha Graham’s work, she has been setting works worldwide, including Russian Ballerina Diana Vashineva’s “Dialogue” and for Wendy Whelan of New York City Ballet.

mishmash*Miki Orihara launched in 2013, as a Casting Producer / Dance Director, created two music videos which released in June, 2014. Orihara served as a Movement designer for Jen Silverman’s “Crane Story” directed by Katherine Kovner. 


Orihara released  Martha Graham Dance technique DVD Level1, collaboration with Susan Kikuchi, Dance Spotlight and Martha Graham Center.  Level 2 is in process right now. During this COVID 19, 10 dancers and our team worked hard and successfully able to rehearse and filmed in November 2020.


As a curator and director, Orihara produced a benefit concert  “Dancing for JAPAN” in 2014 and 2017, and the idea of bringing different stages of dance artists to share performance together, to share the idea and learn by each other developed into the NuVu Festival at LPAC. NY.  Sadly 2020 festival was postponed because of COVID 19. 


Orihara's on going project "RESONANCE-共鳴” , started in 2014, introducing old masters' works with new masters' works.  Re-introducing Japanese Modern Dance Pioneers like Seiko Takaka and Konami Ishii is her passion to introduce her mentor YURIKO. 

In April 2017, Orihara was featured in the inaugural performance of “Peace is...”at the United Nations by invitation from the Permanent Mission of Japan.

With the support of LPAC and Steven Hitt, Orihara presented   “Resonance II”  in NYC in April 2017, she Danced works by Merce Cunningham, Lar Lubovitch and Charlotte Griffin, Martha Graham and Colaboration with Tanro Ishida and "Resonance III" in NYC, SF and Vancouver 

(Canada) in May, 2019, she danced works by Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Seiko Takata, Konami Ishii and YURIKO, , along side with master class  and a lecture workshop by Orihara’s teachers Nanako Yamada and Yasuko Kataoka.

With the Japanese filmmaker, Tomoko Mikanagi, Orihara created the film “Broken Memory”. Commissioned by the CORDA foundation for David Rosenmann-Taub, it was featured at Dance on Camera Festival -Lincoln Center, NYC in 2017. She is in the process of making “ Two Women” with Tomoko.

With Stephen Pier, Orihara created few dance films including Conversations” and “Ceci C’est Pas Un Jouet (this is not a toy) by Gene Gort.


Orihara’s the Noguchi Project with Adam Lenz eceived a residency grant to Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, NY. It is in process of creating a work reflecting on Noguchi’s “Bell Child”.

She is a recipient for CUNY Dance Initiative Residencies at Guardia Community College(2015-2017) and received a tour grant from Japan Foundation  for her “Resonance III”.

Orihara is a member of Dance On Project in Berlin, Germany since 2019, premiered Re-imagine of Merce Cunningham's Story - Berlin Story, Bonn Story and Milano Story.

In Spring 2023, Orihara will be working with Anne Bogart for "The Beautiful Lady" at La MaMa stage.

Miki BW Floor 1.jpg

Photo©Tokio Kuniyoshi for In The Box 2



83年マーサ・グラハムアンサンブル結成時にメンバーとなり、87年グラハム舞踊団に正式に入団、プリンシパルダンサーとして、2015年まで在籍。現在はカンパニーダンサーのコーチ、レジサーとしてグラハム振り付けと作品指導、グラハム学校にてテクニックとレパートリー指導を担当。現在はソロアーティストとしてDance On Project, 折原美樹ソロコンサートシリーズを開催。




グラハム作品をはじめ、トワイラ・サープ、ロバート・ウィルソン、マーサ・クラーク、スティーブン・ピア、マース・カニングハム等の作品に出演する。舞踊団在籍中1997年から1998年にかけては、ブロードウェイ「王様と私」に出演、ジェローム・ロビンス、ラー・ルボビッツの振り付けを踊る。ジーン・アードマン、エリサ・モンテ、三条万里子などのグループにも参加。2001年12月、新国立劇場にて行われたコンテンポラリーダンス ダンステアトロンNo.6の正田千鶴作品「空間の詩学」にゲスト出演。レクチャーとグラハム、マーサ・クラーク、スティーブン・ピアの作品を組み合わせた鳥取パフォーミングアーツ2005、財団法人京都文化財団京都府立府民ホール・アルティにてグラハムの作品を振り付け、そしてレクチャーと組み合わせての公演を行う。




クリエーターとしては、作曲家 野澤美香氏とのユニットlotuslotusにてワークショップ、パフォーマンスなどを主催。1995年、ニューヨークソーホーにて “SEARCHING DEMENSION”、1996年 “PASSAGE”  “SERIOUS GARDEN”、1997年には “END OF SUMMER” を発表。2001年には“VOICE”  2008年にて“Stage”を発表。

ソロコンサートシリーズ「共鳴---Resonance」を2014年から始め、2017年に「Resonance II」, 2019年には日米交流基金ツアーグラントを得て「Resonance III」を発表。


2014年と2017年には東北地方太平洋沖地震の被害者の方達のために始めたDancing for JAPANを受け継ぎ、ベネフィットコンサートを開催。2019年よりはマスターレベル、中堅、新人の振り付け師が同じ舞台を共有するためのNuVu Dance Festivalを開始、2020年はパンデミックで延期になったが、毎年開催予定。


国際連合日本政府代表部主宰の「Peace is ・・・」の開催第一回目にて調和をテーマにダンスを発表。

現在ニューヨーク在住、ベルリンに拠点を置くDance On Projectに所属。

Photo by John Deane

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