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dance, costume, dress, wedding veil, dance leotard and unitard and more...



Created for Nagoya's M-Duex compay in 2008.

Danced by Rosy

Music by Mica Nozawa (Lotuslotus)

Monitor by Miki Orihara (Lotuslotus) 

This is second part of my future trilogy.  First I started with 8 women piece called "VOICE" in 2001 with Mica Nozawa's music. Some day I will finish third part...    


Also i modified to make "Prologue" .    


Wedding veil

Made my first wedding veil for my friend, Katherine.

Trim on the edge, front and back veil. Blucher and Veil is an one piece. 

Veil for Nya

She wanted something modern and short. I acutually made two veils. One was very modern and the other, this one!

Veil for Annastasia 
is two piece. Front blusher and Veil. She walked on the aisle with her father with blusher over, then open for ceremony. Took blusher off for party.  Alicia King Photography

Cathedral Veil for Amy

For Amy! Hand stitched 10 yards Lace length. with stitches of friends too. This was my first Cathedral veil!

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