Try and Have Fun!

Stretch Dance 

@my best & Rooftop@9

@my best has seated and standing video

Please dance with me with what ever you can do today. Modifying is totally fine. 

Open all your joints, be aware of your alignment!!! 

E V E N T S​ / N E W S




Dance On Project  Reflection Project
Berlin, Germany

MGS Summer Intensive 7/19-7-23     Advanced Technique Class
   - Online Only

The Perpetuum Mobilé Festival 
- Brussels, Belgium




JP Class Schedule will be listed in here 

(in JP. DM me if you are interested!)

On going classes @

Graham Technique classes

The Hartt School Dance Division, University of Hartford

Friday Advanced Class 

Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance


"How beautiful your concert was.

On all levels.

The elegance and refinement in the structure and presentation, including the way you incorporated your musicians, was truly imaginative and striking."

Anna Kisselgoff   Former NY Times Chief Dance Critic

 " .....each short work was like a world of its own...Ms. Orihara created an entire mood and atmosphere, giving us a brief glimpse into each of these rich environments before  leaving us to imagine so many potential stories. Ms. Orihara displayed not only her vast range, but her passion for and deep understanding of the art of dance."

                                                                 Blog: Barre Hopping     By Suzannah Friscia

“Miki Orihara, the sort of Graham dancer who comes along once in a generation.”

Dance Magazine

"Miki Orihara, a veteran, can always be relied on to define the form through which Graham's movement speaks"

                                                                 Anna Kisselgoff  The New York Times

“Miki Orihara was outstanding as the Bride: delicate enough to

flutter like a pretty young belle, steely enough to articulate each

confused stirring of emotion. This was dancing and acting of the

highest order."

The Guardian, London

cover photo Stephen Pier and Miki Orihara ©︎John Deane​